Pole Pole Wombat - thetinycrate
Pole Pole Wombat - thetinycrate
Pole Pole Wombat - thetinycrate


Pole Pole Wombat

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T-Lab Japan and their beautiful wooden animals have been a part of Japanese culture for over 10 years. Polepole (poh-leh poh-leh) meaning slowly, slowly in Swahili pays tribute to the way these animals are carefully and slowly hand crafted.

Carved from Albiza wood and delicately hand-painted with expressions and patterns, each animal is uniquely different. 

The wood used for the range is the fast-growing tropical tree Albizia to ensure eco-sustainability. To further support the environment, T-Lab also reforests plantations.

Dimensions: H - 5.0cm, W - 7.5cm, D - 3.0cm

Recommended age: 2yrs+

As this is made from natural wood, tones and grains will vary from piece to piece and may not be identical to the images.